GVWGA President's Message - 1

October 2022

Georgia Rush

1 min read

Hello GVWGA members,

First our thanks go out to Sarah Christopher, Nancy Schlinger, and their assistants for organizing the Awards Banquet. Its a big job well done. Also, since the meeting broke up immediately following the voting results announcement, we neglected to give credit to Lissa Schaeffer for her presidency. The time and effort you put into the Association, Lissa, is very much appreciated. Thank you. The Executive Committee is committed to working through the winter to prepare for the 2023 golf season. Whether you face Mother Nature's wrath in a western NY winter or head for sunshine and warmer temps in the southland, we wish you a safe, happy, healthy winter.

We'll be in touch.

Georgia, GVWGA President (effective 10-11-2022)