GVWGA President's Message-12

July Message


Georgia Rush

7/2/20231 min read

Hello Members,

There has been some grumbling about golf cart etiquette/protocol in the past weeks so following please find a few tips for proper use of the golf cart.

1. Always be mindful of course rules and restrictions that might include:

-cart path only on par 3's

-90 degree rule on fairways

-arrows directing carts around the green

2. Always park the cart pin high or beyond on the side of the green towards the next tee.

This may require the passenger to drive on occasion.

3. Be aware of the noise your cart makes when passing players on another tee or green.

4. Do not drive your cart onto an adjacent fairway to play a "stray" shot until the players on that

hole have passed. They have the right of way.

5. If you need closer access to the green than most courses permit, secure a handicap flag from

the pro shop prior to tee off time.

6. And finally, refer to the Rules and Handicap Info section on the website for additional tips.

Be sure to check out our face book page for a look at fun photos taken at various tournaments...

compliments of Sue Stojanovich.

Review the information on the Solheim Cup and throw your hat in the ring for a chance to participate in this year's event on September 24th.

And sadly, go to the Bartalomeo Funeral Home (on Vintage Ave in Greece) website for Sarah Gipson's obituary. Long time members will remember Sarah as a GVWGA member for many years.

Hit 'em long and straight, all. See you on the course.