GVWGA President's Message-13

August Message

Georgia Rush

8/10/20231 min read

Hello Members,

Apparently Mother Nature approves of a 2 day tournament because she provided spectacular weather for last weekend's Club Championship held at Churchville Golf Club. Michele Miller came out on top as this year's Club Champion and Upar Siripratoom-Yeager took the Senior title. Many thanks to Lissa Schaefer for organizing the event. Jack's Place (of Morgan's Crossing) catered the luncheon on day 2. Sue Stogard's idea of a birdie pool made a big hit with many players. Check out the GVWGA Facebook page for photos. The only disappointment was the few number of players that participated. We're constantly looking for a way to make this tournament more inviting to the entire membership. Your suggestions are always welcome.

I look forward to seeing you at the next event.