GVWGA President's Message 15

Early October Message

Georgia Rush

9/26/20231 min read

Hello Members!

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Fall Awards Banquet! We realize there are some concerns.

  • Too far

  • Too Expensive

  • Difficult to get to

As far as distance is concerned, a lot of our members travel long distances to get to our events. Let's give the East siders a break and head in their direction this time.

Secondly, this is more than we're used to paying but prices are up everywhere. All accounts are that the food is excellent.

The best way to make your way to the banquet is to carpool with a couple of friends and put it in your GPS.

And finally, this marks the end of our season and the last chance to get together to recognize our accomplishments and to congratulate one another..

Deadline is Saturday, September 30th. Banquet flyer attached. Get those checks in the mail.

See you there!