GVWGA President's Message 16

November Message

Georgia Rush

11/2/20231 min read

Hello Members,

Its time to clean up the clubs and store them away as you brace for the upcoming Rochester winter.

(Heard there were snow flurries today - ugh!) Here's an idea - keep your putter handy. Work on your putting stroke by practicing on the living room rug or the basement floor. Doesn't matter if it doesn't "feel" like a green. The idea is to groove your putting stroke into muscle memory. It will make a difference when you're back on a green next season. Remember to keep your head down!

The Executive Board will continue to meet through the winter in preparation for the 2024 season. Your ideas, suggestions and opinions are welcome. Go to Contact Us on the website and drop a line.

I hope you enjoyed more treats than tricks on Halloween and you're looking forward to sharing the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Be safe, happy and healthy and safe travels to the snowbirds heading south.