GVWGA President's Message 22

Georgia Rush

5/3/20241 min read

Hello Members,

Attended by 100 members, we kicked off the 2024 season with the Spring Banquet last week at Eagle Vale Golf Club. Many thanks, again, to Amy Hay, Cheryl Kauffman and their crew for organizing the event. And...with 3 tournaments in the works, we'll soon meet on the links, hopefully in sunshine.

The new election procedure was reviewed and a couple questions were raised. For those unable to attend the banquet, the answers to those questions follow. First, there is no option to vote electronically at this time. Second, the ballot, inside a signed envelope, must be postmarked by the deadline date (to be provided) and mailed to Michele Miller, Nominating Chair. If you choose to save the cost of postage, you may hand the ballot in a signed envelope to Michele on or prior to the deadline date. Ballots received late or not inside a signed envelope will not be counted. Please review Article IV of the GVWGA Constitution for complete details on the new procedure. For further clarification, the minutes of the banquet will be posted on the website in the near future.

In addition, a new program, the Birdie Pool, was introduced by Sue Sogard. Details of this program can also be found in the banquet minutes. Please note: the tournament chair of each event WILL NOT administer the program. All questions should be directed to Sue. If you're up for betting on your own game, this could be a fun thing to participate in - totally optional and separate from prize money.

So, fingers crossed for a healthy season for all, see you soon.