GVWGA President's Message-9

May 2023

Georgia Rush

5/2/20231 min read

Hello Members,

Many thanks to Liz Prescod and Cindy Keller for organizing our Spring Banquet. We had a great turnout, wonderful food and a fine kickoff for our 2023 season.

To clarify the question of the requirements to establish a Handicap Index, one must post 54 holes of golf. You can post 3 18 hole rounds, 6 9 hole rounds, or any combination as long as they add up to 54 holes.

We are looking into refinishing the memorial bench located at Genesee Valley. If you know of anyone who has the talent and ambition to help us out, please let me know.

Pennfair Golf Shop continues to come through for us. Donna Lashbrook has been informed that they will be donating gift certificates for our get acquainted tournament. Be sure to mention GVWGA when you stop in there.

Just in case you missed it, the website password follows. Please note: it is case sensitive.


The Ryder Cup guidelines are located on the Home page of the website.

And finally, we encourage you to use the Contact Us form on the website as a Suggestion Box. Please share any constructive thoughts or ideas that you believe will help our association.

I look forward to seeing you on the course.