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Twin Hills Recap ...

On the infamous #5, Pat Apton hit her ball which went into the water, hit a rock and ended up in the drop zone (how convenient - the rest of us weren't that lucky)  Lisa Valbergs chipped in 40 yards for par on #7 and broke 100 for the first time this year.  She was thrilled! Again, on the infamous #5, Tiffany Bloom hit tee shot almost into the water on the back side of the hole, didn't do so well on her second shot but then chipped in for par.  I would love to hear about all that really happened on the 5th that people were not willing to share.  If any of you were wondering where Hansel and Gretel were because of the trail of popcorn on the course, it was just an unnoticed open bag of popcorn on Sheila Hanley and Deb Curtis' cart.  Barb Goodness apparently was in and out of the woods several times on #7 and Elaine Pommerening chipped in on #17 for a Birdie; Sue Guinan chipped in on #3 for a Birdie and Nancy Miller chipped in on #9 (sorry, I didn't get if it was a birdie or par and my partner has the score cards). It was Kathy Gilman's day of missing by 3 inches.  She missed the closest to the pin in the C flight by 3 inches and then missed birdie by 3 inches.

My question of the day was - How many people made it to the green only to have to chip on their next shot?  There were too many yes's to count so I guess I wasn't the only one.  It seemed like everyone did well that day based on scores:  there were 101 pars and 8 birdies - Congratulations ladies and see you at the banquet!!!
Submitted by Kathy Gilman

Membership Chairperson Position Open ...

The Membership Committee will be responsible for keeping updated records of the members, supplying membership lists to all members, coordinating with the Handicap Committee to insure an updated list of members, maintaining a waiting list for new members, and keeping a record of the number of tournaments members play within the year. The committee shall make sure prospective new members have a USGA handicap before they are added to the waiting list and shall provide this information to the Handicap Committee.  Submit your name to the Executive Committee.

Web Site Manager for 2015 ...

Looking for an individual with an interest and skills to maintain and secure our web site. This team works closely with the Tournament Coordinator, Tournament Chairs, Board Members and Association Members to communicate vital information to our members.

Recommended Skills:
  1. Pays close attention to details
  2. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel/Word - ability to create and format documents for posting
  3. Comfortable converting documents to pdf format
  4. Experience transferring documents to a server
  5. Familiarity with hyperlinks and how to create them.
If you have an interest in this position, please send a note to our President.
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the current webmaster.

Tournament Coordinator Wanted for 2015 ...

Looking for someone who would like to – “give back” (AKA – volunteer) to the organization in which you are a member.

This individual should exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Works well with others
  • Enjoys looking for new golf venues that will suit the GVWGA membership (demographics, capability, proximity, etc)
  • Negotiates with the golf clubs for tee times and greens/cart fees
  • Generates the tournament golf schedule and communicates to the Executive Board for approval
  • Supports the Tournament Chairpersons when needed

If you have an interest in this position, please send a note to an Executive Board member.
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the current Tournament Coordinator, Mary Schlitzer.

Other Golf Opportunities ...

Here are a few local tournaments in which you might like to play.

      RDGA Women's Open - Ridgemont CC

           Sept. 19    Read more ... 

Do you know of any local events our members may be interested in playing?