Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

To Register – Fill out the Membership Form. Mail your completed Membership form and your check to the Membership Chair.

If you don't have a handicap index from your previous club, you will be invited to join the association as an Associate member while you establish a USGA handicap index. Once you have established an 18 hole handicap index, you will be eligible to join as a Full Member.

The cost of the associate membership is a reduced fee which covers the administration cost for the GHIN system. An Associate member can attend social events offered by the association but cannot play in GVWGA events unless you are invited to play as a guest in the annual member guest "Invitational" tournament.

What is a handicap?

"Handicap" refers to a numerical representation of a golfer's playing ability. Handicaps are meant to represent a golfer's potential rather than simply be an average of a golfer's scores. An official handicap - one that is established through the auspices of a USGA affiliated club - is called a "handicap index." To establish a handicap index, a golfer needs to post a minimum of 54 holes to establish a handicap. Once a handicap index is established, it is then used to determine a course handicap.

What is GHIN ?

GHIN is an acronym for Golf Handicap and Information Network, a handicapping service of the USGA that allows clubs and golfers to post and retrieve information electronically. The GHIN homepage is located at

How do I get a GHIN Number?

First you need to be a member of a club that participates in the Golf Handicap Information Network. Genesee Valley is a participating club and the cost is included in your GVWGA membership fee. If you are a new member of GVWGA and never had a GHIN number the handicap chairperson will set you up with a GHIN number. She will contact you and explain how to post your scores. If you had a GHIN number at another club in the past, you should notify the handicap chair so she can reactivate your old number. Non-participating GVWGA members will also be issued a GHIN number so that they may establish a handicap while waiting to become active GVWGA members.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my handicap?

Contact the GVWGA Handicap and Rules chairwoman. This is an appointed position that changes regularly. Refer to the Board page of the web site for the current Officer's name and the Membership list for their contact information.. Just click on the hot link to send them an email. In addition their contact information is listed in the membership list which can be found in the members menu. If you can't remember the username or password for the members menu - use the E-mail button on the navigation bar to contact the webmaster. You are asked to provide your name and email address for verification.